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The No-Banquet Awards Banquet

The Rocky Horror Transylvania Carnivale Awards Show
Saturday Afternoon 3-6pm

Our awards presentation show and entertainment feast (as in "feast of entertainment"). We will presenting any and all of our awards at this time for a myriad of superlatives and winners of totally (and not so totally random things). Awards will be interspersed with;

~ A Red Carpet walk by our costume contest participants. Costume contest for both regular screen accurate and the Hunger Games costume contest will be judged and voted on immediately.

~ The Post Show / Pre Party Preshows. Both video and live preshows will be presented, interspersed through the two to three hour time slot.

~ The Raffle winners and Auction

~ The Cut-throat Rocky Horror Trivia Contest

~ Other stuff we haven't even thought of yet.

As we have no budget to feed anyone. Guests will be served Toast, Pretzel Sticks, Popcorn, and Jelly Beans by a dog and a bird. - No turkey or ice cream sundaes will be provided either.

More Information to come.


Disclaimer; As with all convention schedules, all events and amenities are subject to change. We have tried to give a rough estimate of the schedule for planning, but any number of things can have an effect on how and even if the event will occur, including financial, hotel/theater restrictions/requirements, all the way down to "we just decided not to do it." While the website *should* always reflect the current status of an event or feature, it's possible some things may be changed or canceled with little to no notice. We suggest you add/follow our our Twitter feed as any significant changes up to and through the convention weekend will be tweeted.

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