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Six Week Notice - Posted 2014-05-06

T Minus 6 weeks, and counting.

We are exactly six weeks away from con. So, we're taking this opportunity to remind you of our deadlines, most of which happen of which happen *weeks* before con time. We're closer to some deadlines then we are to con right now.

The hotel sleeping room reservation deadline is May 20th (2 weeks from today). The hotel specifically reminded me yesterday about this, and also sent me a copy of our registration manifest. There are enough rooms at the hotel where anyone can get one up until con weekend, but we've already oversold our original contracted room blocks so the deadline for discounted rooms is very unlikely to be extended due to "unsold" room space. May 20th is probably it, then you're all paying full price or scouring the discount sites for reasonable rates.

Our Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment casting app deadline is midnight on May 20th. We will be casting the following days/weekend and contacting any of you as needed. We'll be announcing casting on May 26th, which will give you a little over 3 weeks to prepare from casting announcement to show date.

Deadlines to request a custom con badge is June 2nd. We'll be emailing everyone this week that said yes to a custom badge on their registration, but hasn't submitted an app for a custom badge yet. Yes, everyone/anyone can get a custom con badge with their name a/o picture on it whether you said you wanted one or not. However, you can and will only get one if you submit the custom badge form. We will not ask you or track you down for that info.

Our program advertisement and boosters are May 30th. All ads and booster texts must be IN OUR HANDS by midnight on May 30th.

Our pre show application deadline is June 2nd. All video files must be sent or uploaded to us BY June 16th for video preshows as we have to check the files and plan this and set our video playlist in advance.

Vendor Booths deadline June 10th (less than a week before con starts, which you'll know whether or not you're coming by), however in order to get your listing and free ad in our program, you need to have you vendor space reserved before May 30th. We made an effort to ensure our vendors are IN the con room for the entirety of the con, instead of in hallways or entrances away from the con events, and that space was dirt cheap, to make this as easy as possible for you all to sell at our event - please "take advantage" of it/us!

We don't have a deadline per se for con ticket registrations, though we do have ticket price increases planned. The current $85 is only good until May 16th. Then it goes up to $90 until June, then $95 until con weekend (the 19th) and it's $100 to pay on site.

Go To It!

Disclaimer; As with all convention schedules, all events and amenities are subject to change. We have tried to give a rough estimate of the schedule for planning, but any number of things can have an effect on how and even if the event will occur, including financial, hotel/theater restrictions/requirements, all the way down to "we just decided not to do it." While the website *should* always reflect the current status of an event or feature, it's possible some things may be changed or canceled with little to no notice. We suggest you add/follow our our Twitter feed as any significant changes up to and through the convention weekend will be tweeted.

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